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This module provides mini-instructions via the tool-tips you see when hovering your pointer on any title of the module parameter settings.  Nearly all the information you need to setup the module can be found on each title's tool-tip.  


1. You must have an active Linkedin account.  You can use either a personal linkedin profile, a company linkedin profile, or both as the display in this module.  

2. A working Joomla website, using the correct Joomla version (v. 2.5.0 or higher) for the module you've downloaded.  


Your linkedin personal account identification is a URI segment, that usually will begin with your name.  A good illustration of this is provided in fig.1, below (orange underlined URI):

support Joco Linkedin mod personalProfileID


To locate your company ID, simply perform a search on for your company.  The number at the end of the URI (see red text, fig. 2) is the company's uniquire profile identifier.  Paste that into the module's company identity parameter field.

support Joco Linkedin mod personalCompanyID 1 fig. 2

You need to have at least one profile ID configured in the module (either a company or personal profile ID).  And you must select the correct display type that corresponds with one of the profile IDs.  For example, if you select "Personal Profile" as the Display Type, and you only input a company profile ID, the module will not be able to retrieve any information from Linkedin.  

support mod joco linkedin params



You may wish to move the module’s position up or down relative to other elements on your website.  If you find it necessary or desirable to move the module, this is accomplished by modifying the module’s CSS file at:


The module has three elements that require positioning down the page: The button.  The hover-state button.  And the flyout panel box.

Around Line #                   CSS Element to Change    

Near Line #20                        #fly-wrap ...  top:100px              

Example:  to move it down 20 px more, change to “120px”  This is the flyout panel box with the LinkedIn content

Near Line #88              , a.trigger:hover ...  top:110px

Example:  to move it down 20 px more, change to “130px”  This is the hover button position    

Near Line #103                      #trigger-wrap ...  top:110px                

Example:  to more it down 20 px more, change to “130px”.  This positions the linkedin button.


txt info 07

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